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Online Payments just got easier!

If you're looking for a versatile credit card processor for your internet web site and if you'd already considered 2Checkout and then discounted them because they only traded in US$s, then, check out the information they just sent out!

This is the text of the email I just received, and it wasn't too difficult to change to receive my payments in £Sterling instead of US$.

"2Checkout is excited to announce that, beginning with the 6/16/2004 payment cycle, all outgoing wires are available in multiple currencies. If the currency you bank in is supported this change should represent a cost savings to you as your bank should not be charging you a fee for converting the funds from US dollars.

The currencies initially supported are :

  • Australia Dollar ( AUD )
  • Egypt Pound ( EGP )
  • Euro ( EUR )
  • Hong Kong Dollar ( HKD )
  • India Rupee ( INR )
  • Japan Yen ( JPY )
  • Mexico Peso ( MXN )
  • New Zealand Dollar ( NZD )
  • Norway Krone ( NOK )
  • Singapore Dollars ( SGD )
  • Sweden Kronor ( SEK )
  • Switzerland Francs ( CHF )
  • Thailand Baht ( THB )
  • Turkey Liras ( TRL )
  • United Kingdom Pound ( GBP )

More currencies will be supported in the upcoming weeks as our US bank gears up to handle our wire volumes. As new supported currencies are added you will be notified.

If you wish to take advantage of a supported currency wire, simply log into the sellers area and change your banking details accordingly.

In order to offset our costs 2CO fees for a wire transfers and checks will be changing.

Fee changes effective 7/1/2004

A wire in a supported currency regardless of amount - $5 ( Free for 6/16 payment )
A wire to a supported country* in US currency regardless of amount - $20
A wire to a non supported country in US currency regardless of amount - $12
A check mailed outside the US - $4

The minimum transfer amount to receive a wire payment is $300.
The minimum transfer amount to receive a check payment is $100.

* A supported country is any country ( listed above ) where 2CO can send funds in that country's native currency"

That means that for many people who had difficulty in receiving payments for goods and services, there is now an affordable way of processing credit card transactions - and that's Great News!

Here's the url again - - why not try them out!

More Features of 2Checkout also offers

  • No Waiting Weeks,Get Started Immediately

  • No Term Contracts

  • No Equipment or Software Needed

  • Easy to use Plug–N–Play ode

  • Simple Commission Fee Structure

  • International Suppliers Accepted

  • List Products and Services, just about anything

  • Supports Recurring Billing

  • Works with Existing Shopping Carts

  • Automatic Purchase Order notification

  • State of the Art Fraud Detection

  • Great for Simple or Complex Needs

  • Comprehensive Account Management Tools

  • Robust Shipping Options

I have used 2Checkout for the past couple of years and have been delighted with their service!


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