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How to set up Eudora

Welcome to our Eudora Tutorial

New eMail AccountUse this wizard to set up any new accounts you need on
Eudora - there are other ways to set up accounts, but this is the easiest!

Select "Create a brand new email account" and click the
Next button.

Name the Account or PersonalityGive this email account an identifying label. Use
something relevant; the name of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or domain name, for example.

If you're like me, you need to check on several email accounts.

Giving the account it's own personality makes it simple
to check on a specific one.

Put in your nameHow do you like folks to recognise you? Put in your own name here; if you use an alias (eg Wild One), people might not
recognise you and automatically delete your emails.
Put in your eMail addressYou must put in your correct email address here for the account you are setting up. If you use three email addresses, you must set up a new account for each one.

In this instance, I am setting up Eudora to check out; I have to create a new account to check out my mail at etc.

Your login nameText immediately before the @ sign in your email address is usually your Login information.
Incoming MailYou should have received details of your mail server when you set up your account with your ISP or your domain host.

Some hosts use or - if you have difficulties with this, contact the
support service.

Outgoing MailTo send mail, you need to have the Outgoing mail server identified correctly. Again, this might be mail.your or - or another setting which should have been provided to you.

If you check the "Allow Authentication" box, your email account password will be stored on your pc.

That's it - your first email account set up! not too scary, really!

Adding new accountsIf you would like to set up another email account,
click the tab to show the personalities and right-click in the personalities window. Select the New and there you will find the wizard to set up a new email account.

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