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eShopmgr Features

You buy a domain name, order web hosting - and then, you've got all this space and need to be able to use it effectively to sell products online. That's where the eShopMgr comes in.

The license for the eShopMgr means it can be installed on one domain (used for one website). You can use it to create as many web pages as you need for your site. In addition, products can be added in and associated pictures uploaded to your website, all with the click of a mouse.

Features of the eShopMgr for the software owner include:
  • Sophisticated encrypted password protection using eGreyl's PasswordMgr.
  • fully customizable web site
  • secure order form
  • unlimited product categories
  • products with descriptions and photos - with the ability to use thumbnail images of products
  • 'contact us ' page (with automatic email fowarding)
  • product search page
  • Store Manager Menu where the store owner can add and delete products, and make any and all changes to his store front as he desires (no programming required!).
  • You will receive email notification of an order.
  • details of the order are stored in a secure, password-protected area only accessible to the store owner.

To summarise, running an eShopMgr is easy. You can add, rename or delete web pages from your site quickly and easily. Adding in new product categories and individual products is straightforward too. You are in control of your web site.

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