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CentreMgr Mall Creation Software

CentreMgr Features

Features of the CentreMgr for the software owner include:

  • Automatic creation of stores - with a variety of templates to suit the needs of individual business.
  • The facility to delete shops.
  • The ability to limit the size of the store - number of products/space used on the server.
  • Sophisticated encrypted password protection using eGreyl's PasswordMgr.
  • Mailing list software included - eGreyl's eListMgr. As well as being able to email the current store owners, this software will allow you to build lists of potential clients for your business.
  • eMail Billing of store owners when it's time to collect the rent!

For the individual store owners, the features include

  • unique address
  • fully customizable home page
  • secure order form
  • unlimited product categories
  • products with descriptions and photos - with the ability to use thumbnail images of products
  • 'contact us ' page (with automatic email fowarding)
  • product search page
  • Store Manager Menu where the store owner can add and delete products, and make any and all changes to his store front as he desires (no programming required!).
  • store owners receives email notification of an order.
  • details of the order are stored in a secure, password-protected area only accessible to the store owner.